Info on Total Conversions and the source for 'Survival of the Fittest' is coming in a couple hours!

ok finally
packaging dev kit
and then I’ll do a write-up of how to make a whole new TC, and/or to make a TC of SotF, and/or to make SotF mods.
(had to rewrite some SotF blueprints to make them fully extendable)
should be up within 2 hours. Also now you can get a blueprint event within the item object when an item is equipped, unequipped, or used. To make neat custom items. We used this functionality for the Re-Fertilizer, but of course can have a ton more uses.

so busy :wink:



hands Epic Games a plate of cookies for being Epic

Looking forward to this, downloading new dev kit now :slight_smile:

yeah download already at 60% :smiley: ( i don’t have fiber at home :’( )

tomorrow i will be good to go xD

can you explain why the change from steam to epic launcher in the same time too?(if it was not planned already :p, just one phrase on it ^^) i’m sure it’s not important for us but i would like to know the reason for this change ^^ (like update easier to be done or something like that?)

Thanks for your continued dedication devs!!

It was planned from my understanding. Steam’s updating system wasn’t very friendly, probably all of their reasoning right there :stuck_out_tongue:

Im all for moving the dev kit. But after this whole update, i cant use my mod any more :( the launch paramater wont work atm. So I`m hoping the new mod/total conversion will be ready soon, since i now have to build halve my base back up.

Are we waiting for the v200 and Total Conversion updates to be automatically downloaded through Epic Launcher?

That goes for a lot of ppl, fortunately for me my host allows full control of the commandline and i have mine setup in a fail safe fashion (running my MOD with no issues, even did a build in the new kit), but most ppl running my MOD do not have this option or are running dedicated and their MODs are not currently working.

@Drake, please shed light on this, thank you.

Are you using ‘ActiveMods’ or ‘GameModIds’ in your command line? I built my mod in the new mod kit but still unable to load using .ini settings.

As of v200 they added this to the patch notes. Pretty sure that is why mod’s are not working for lots of people.

“* Super ARK Server Management Tool! manage all your mods visually, install new mods and total conversions, update mods, manage all server settings visually, connect to RCON, and soon enough do this all remotely!

Try using that and I bet your mod works again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info, I will have to hold out as my server is hosted and I can’t access directly. Very promising though!

Thank you Drake, and your team for building Total Conversion capabilites! Already downloaded via Epic Games launcher :slight_smile:


So where is this info at?

That’s a no go for me even when ussing it in the command line.

Ever since migrating to the new UE4 launcher ADK im having the following issues with underwater and foliage, The adk was installed on a new formatted SSD and has been re installed twice and verified 5 times

Water issue (goes away if i delete the water_postprocessing_2 (on all maps, small island, theisland and terra nova(

Foliage issue (on all maps, small island, theisland and terra nova)

Have the same problem with the epic games dev kit so i use the steam one until its fixed

Migrated my mods so they stoped working, Tried Re-Making it and still isnt working almost like it never cooks?

OK, then who is your Host provider?