Infinity Mirror Room

Hi there,
I want to create a simple level with a 3mx3m infinity room but I am new to UE4 and have been fiddling with
RenderCapture2D for several days now to no avail.
See attached image … I am just not able to produce 2 separate accurate mirror reflections and have tried
everything that I could come up with with my virgin EU4 mind …
I can see the correct reflection in the little Scene Capture box so something is working, but the reflection
will not show in the main window.
I am starting to think that creating the effect I am looking for is perhaps not possible in EU4.
It seems a simple task but so far no luck, is a blueprint possibly the answer?

Any assistance (especially how to set up the blue print is greatly appreciated).

No need to open a new thread. The old one was good enough :wink:

Try this project

If you want an even better mirror, take a look here

Thank you so much … nice to wake up to this this morning and see it is indeed possible.
Question of the day is now am I going crazy because your setup appears to be the same as what I have but yet mine isn’t working??? My to-do this morning is figuring out the difference :slight_smile:
I’ll build your other linked suggestion as well, fingers crossed I can make that one work.

Thanks again, I hope others with mirror questions are helped out by this as well.

Hey Mars007,

I finally managed to get it to work. I figured out that I needed to do the following steps:
1> Create a new SceneCapture2D: Models > All Classes > Scene Capture 2D > drag drop in view port where needed
2> Create Render Target: Content > R-click in Filter section > Create Advanced Asset > Materials & Textures > select Render Target > rename the NewTextureRenderRaget2D > Place as Texture Target for SceneCapture2D
3> Create mirror surface form Static Mesh
4> Create NewRenderTarget_Mat for mirror: R-click on NewTextureRenderRaget2D you just created > Create Material (creates a new material using this texture) > rename (very important, will not work without this step) > Place as Element 0 in the mirror material section

The reason I kept getting the wrong result is because I tried duplicating materials or create instances from existing materials and simply renamed them. When I finally figured out step 4 is when I had my correct mirror reflections.
Minor detail for the UE4 pro’s but major detail when you are just starting out.

Thanks for the setup Mars007,
As you can see from the image I still have some tweaking to do but now I can move on to the next hurdle :slight_smile:
I might just have to move onto a cave environment, Unreal seems to excel in those:)

Your image looks funny. Good luck with your project!

I made a new version with better materials and higher render target resolution.


Wowsers, that is indeed the look I was going for, thanks again.
Any idea why it was giving those weird results?
I added a mirror surface to the floor as well, maybe that the issue?

In my first project i created a default material from render target. But the default material is lit, reflective, has specular and so on…
I use Unlit materials now - without roughness, specular, etc. It looks far better.

Your floor mirror should not be a problem.

Major progress made today :slight_smile: I can’t thank you enough for your guidance so far
I might have to rebuild the level … there is a ghost sphere floating around that is casting shadows … I’m unable to delete it as it does not appear to be in this level anymore.
Also it appears like the mirror image are stretched horizontally somewhat, is there a way to minimize that effect?