Infinity Mirror Box in UE 5.4

Hi there!
Back in UE 5.3 I made the infinity mirror box using the deprecated Standalone Raytraced Reflection Method and a post process volume and it worked just fine.
Here’s the modified rendering project settings and the result.

Result UE 5.3

The model is a box with two planes, one at the top and one at the bottom, which have a simple mirror material and their normals are facing each other, so that you can see the infinite reflections from the outside of the box.

Now, in UE 5.4 I managed to recreate the same effect using Lumen, but it appears to work only when I’m within the two planes, once I’m outside of the box it doesn’t work anymore.

Result UE 5.4

It seems like the top plane affects the raytraced reflections, even though I should see through it.
Unfortunately going back to 5.3 is not and option. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thank you!

works the same in 5.4 just with lumen and you’re limited to 8 bounces. you cannot override that unless you modify the source code.

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The problem isn’t the number of bounces, it’s the fact that it only works while I’m inside of the box.
It should be working while looking at it from the outside, through the transparent side of the top plane.

have you disabled screentraces?


Now I have and it’s working perfectly!
Thank you so much, have a great day!

jsyk… if you do this ingame you gotta disable them in the ppv or via console. lumen reflection screentrace something is the command.

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