Infinity/Endless Runner

is there a blueprint for an endless runner game or if there is a concept of endless runner logic for UE4?

please help the is for a mobile running game

I have created a very basic game like Infinity/Endless Runner with coin pickups and special pickups. There is a UFO available in Content Examples. I used that UFO and a simple level that keeps moving and moving towards the player with obstacles that needs to be avoided. The level is just straight with nowhere to turn. The level speed gradually increases. Everything was done 100% in Blueprints. If you want, i can post a video of how that looks. I haven’t yet worked on environments, sounds or effects.

I’m interested in that too :), it’d be nice if you do so.

what do you mean by UFO ?
which content example did you use ?
is it a side scrolling or 3d person perspective ?

Quite interested here too! :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing a few screenshots or a video? Thanksssssssss


You can always look at the blueprints for Tappy Chicken. It has a similar concept of spawning random obstacles that move toward the player.

Its in 3rd person perspective.

UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. I used the Content Example while beta testing Unreal Engine 4. I didnt downloaded the new Content Examples from Marketplace. But it should have it. I only used the UFO from the content examples.

Of course i will. I am planning to release as some sort of started kit. I’ll post a video when i get home. :slight_smile:

oh man thank you that would be so much appreciated if you do
thanks a lot my friend
and please let us know when you release it

Someone accomplished this in UDK by making his level a segment of the endless tunnel and having a trigger volume just before the end of the segment. That trigger volume took the world coords of the player and set the player’s coordinates to whatever it got, but the X coord had the length of the segment subtracted from it. That way, when the player was about to reach the end of the level, he would silently teleport back to the start without even realizing it.

Thanks I would be very interested if you could post a video I would appreciate it. Interested in doing a side scroller running game or parcour type game completely in blueprint.

any news about the starter kit?

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday my monitor died and am waiting for a new one. Once i get the monitor, i’ll post the video + starter kit.

It sounds very interesting! Can’t wait.

thank you for letting us know
looking forward to it

I’d be interested in this also. Currently creating a runner game myself - I have the camera set up, the enemy that chases you and pick-up blueprints - but can’t figure out how to procedurally generate obstacles/pick-ups.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get the character to move in lanes, like Audiosurf.

Hi everyone,

I borrowed a monitor from my friend for a few minutes and recorded the gameplay.

Everything are Blueprints. There is also a basic save system to save highscores.

NOTE: I had to scale down the graphics from Epic setting to Medium setting because of screen recorder. :frowning:


Marvelous !
Do u keep spawning and de-spawning the objects around or u only moving them ?
How did you manage to put these walls in a random manner ?

Looks cool :slight_smile: I assume you are moving the objects and not the player or the other way around? If you look at tappy bird it is very similar too this. Great start!

Thanks HoOz. :slight_smile:

No am not spawning any objects. Just moving them. I tried spawning but it doesnt seem neat. :slight_smile:

Static Mesh Sockets :smiley:

Yes am moving the objects to the player. The player only has movements on Up, Down, Left and Right. No forward or backward movement.

I havent checked any of the sample contents from this public release. Got ShooterGame and ContentExamples from beta release which are old.

Looks good so far! Can’t wait to see it when its done.

Looks fantastic - a lot more advanced than what I have so far. I’m doing it in the reverse, like an endless runner version of those Crash Bandicoot levels where you are chased by a dinosaur.

I started with the third person template, reversed the camera, inverted the controls and set the character to automatically run forwards. I’ve also added the chasing dinosaur, a score that increases by how long you run + pickups.

What I’m struggling with is having the character move between lanes, like audiosurf, and finding a way of procedurally generating content.