Infinite Point Lights

Is it possible to have infinite point lights? I’m finding, regardless of the settings I use, my point lights don’t go far enough to light my distant objects. Shadows are not important so are disabled so I’m not sure why doing this should be a problem. Is there a way to solve this?


You just need to disabled ‘Inverse Squared Falloff’ on the light details pane, then crank up your falloff radius. They’re not completely infinite, but don’t have the decay over distance that an inverse-squared falloff does.

What is the use case?

Thanks. I should have mentioned, I’ve already done that but even with the biggest attenuation radius I can set the light doesn’t go far enough!

What you are trying to do?

Keep in mind that you can write arbitary number to attenuation radius. Slider max range isn’t actual max range.

… just switch to unlit mode then :smiley: