Infinite maze. How to make navmesh follow player and check if point is reachable on nav mesh

I have made what should be an infinite maze game, but because the maze is constantly spawning and despawning in a 10X10 grid around you it is possible to for it to seal off your only means of escape when you turn around.

Ex: The map is 10x10, You are in the center of a 10x10 room with walls on all sides except 1 door. walk 1 space away from the door, and the door despawns along with the entire wall of that side of the room. Walk back into the center, now there is no door.

I want to have a Nav Mesh that is 11x11 following and centered on the player. Then I want to check if the player can reach a point on one of spaces 11 spaces away (outside the 10x10). If they can’t this indicates that the maze they are in can not be escaped.

Anyone know if this is possible or how to do this?