Infinite loop begin play using beam

Try putting a DoOnce on the overlap events.

Hello there. I 've made a beam which can be blocked by a cube which I spawn. If i spawn the cube 620 units or less closer to the start point of the beam(screenshot3), the BP crashes and event begin play returns infinite loop.I have no idea what 's goin on. Any ideas?

alt text If the cube collides with the beam I set the beam and the collision from start point of beam to the cube.

I would make an extra event and call it. Sometimes having stuff like this in begin play does weird stuff. Also could try a short delay before the logic.

i need the overlap events to keep overlapping in my game not just once :confused:

Yes, but try a do once to make sure they’re not firing many times on spawn ( it’s a long shot ). If that’s the case, you can then mod the code to cope…

Overlap is not a neat thing. I you want get control of it, use DoOnce, and reset it at a sensible time ( here, that would be on endoverlap ).

I mean it 's strange because it only happens like 700 units closer to the start point of beam. If the actor is far it 's all good

Beginoverlap : If I spawn the actor close to the start point of the beam, it fires twice

beginoverlap +do once: working fine

begin overlap + end overlap : if i spawn the actor close to the start point it forces and run endoverlap by itself

No idea what 's going on
The actors collision is fine. I disabled the mesh collision and set collision only for box.