Infinite Knives & Blades - $29.99

It’s not a huge deal, once you get your product on the market, start a new thread on the marketplace forum.

That’s the plan.

As per forum guidelines laid out here: Marketplace Info and Guidelines: READ FIRS

I have moved this thread to “Work In Progress”.

Thank you for understanding. You are not being picked on and I have moved other threads as well. Please get your thread back on topic now.

Actually it is a big deal, you can garner interest that way I see tons of threads in the marketplace area that does not get moved for garnering interst. a lot more people look in there then they do here. it seems pick and choose to me, cheapmodeler is a really good guy and it is not like he is some dude who they dont know if he will put his product out or a product out. if its a rule it should be a rule for all and not just when someone feels like enforcing it. I been on forums going on 16 years and this is always an issue always.

I do not see why his thread was moved and it seems unfair tbh

No buyer really checks the WIP forum because it’s irrelevant to marketplace in the first place. It’s a place for “artists” showing their work and getting feedback from “artists”.
Marketplace forum has to have two sub forums,

A) Work in Progress. A section where people like CheapModeler can get involved with people during the development of the content pack.
B) Available on Marketplace. A section where people come to solve their problems with the content packs they have bought, getting updates or asking question.

After all, 90% of “people” (not artists) don’t check the WIP forum if they are looking for packs/wip packs, they simply head to “Marketplace” forum. I am an artist and I have not checked the WIP forum for a couple months till now either.

I’m a business partner with CheapModeler, and if I didn’t share the same beliefs with him we wouldn’t be working together for such a long time now. Thanks for reminding our relationship.
Rules change/evolve over time. I get that Epic wants the Available and WIP content packs separated, That’s what everyone would want. If you could rename the “Work in Progress forum” to “Marketplace Work in Progress” forum and moved it up there, then it would do the job and attract the right audience. But it’s not, and it’s because of a faulty rule.

Right. We are moving the threads back and we will get Epic to add a new prefix to the Marketplace forum for us.

lol he is a marketplace contributor him expressing his thoughts has no relevance to cheapmodeler whether there personal friends or working on the same project.

Thank you for moving this thread back. I’m going to address this one last time and if you have any questions regarding this you can contact me through PM or send me an e-mail through and we can discuss it further there.

The point the moderators miss is that you don’t have to single someone out to be enacting policies and behaviors that are nevertheless unfair. I posted a rational and reasonable response to the issue at hand as it related to my thread and expected an even-handed dialog with you, the moderator staff on the Unreal forums, regarding the issue.

Instead of treating me with respect and engaging me in that dialog, Quinton enacted a COMPLETELY tone deaf policy action that ignored EVERYTHING I had to say.

Quinton how does this address ANY of what I said above? It addresses nothing. Absolutely nothing. Your response resonates with the heartlessness and callousness of a clerk at the DMV.

You’re not a robot. You’re not a bureaucrat. You have room for nuance, Quinton. You have room for debate. You can engage me in dialog instead of enacting shoot first, ask questions later policy actions. The bottom line is that if you can’t engage the Unreal community to talk about why certain rules are in place, present ideas for how those rules might be amended to the benefit of the community, or hold off on policy actions until we figure all of the above out, then you need to either relinquish your moderator position to someone who is able to do those things, or you need to evolve how you engage the community.

Not only do you hold a position of power over us, but a position of leadership. This was your opportunity to show that leadership to all of us and you failed terribly. Nevertheless once the community was shown to be similarly minded as me, you made things right. Thank you. But your initial actions were dismissive, disrespectful, and disheartening and that’s something that must be reflected upon moving forward. I expected a response that I would see here: The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums. Instead I got a response bordering on robotic or an automated telephone teller.

Do better. Be better. We’re human. Act like it. Treat me like it.

Switchblade High Poly WIP

Oooh nice. :smiley: That looks really neat.

It seems that Marketplace forum has become a place for debating Marketplace rules? So do we have rules here in Marketplace or not?

Promoting Work: Only post items that are already available on the Marketplace. Work-in-progress items need to belong in The Work In Progress Forum until they’re readily available for purchase.
Requesting Content: Preface all Marketplace Requests with “[REQUEST]” to make it easier to spot for potential new offerings.
Feedback: Preface all Marketplace Feedback with “[FEEDBACK]” so we can find it quickly.
General: All the other rules of online professionalism apply here. Let’s keep the discussions positive, constructive, and respectful.

We have rules and while we have them we should enforce them. You can’t expect that each time we will bend rules a little bit for no real reason.
You made your point, we contacted Epic and returned your thread back in Marketplace section while we’re consulting over this issue.

Also, I highly recommend you to stop ignoring rules of this forum:

If you’re not satisfied with our actions and decisions then contact Epic stuff and tell them about improper actions.

You are right. My apologies.

CheapModeler is constantly involved with breaking rules. How many times he can do it without sanctions?

hi everyone,

just wanted to pop in and say that for now we will leave things as they are until we hear back from epic(which might not happen till Monday as its the weekend), I know you can all understand that, please keep the discussion professional/on topic.


So you and Epic are saying that Moderators are above being called out for things and are above criticism? in an open public forum you can not criticize a moderator? Naw that makes them able to do anything they want without public reprocussion . I understand private stuff not being discussed but someones actions towards its members not being discussed by its members is absolutely absurd.

lol yeah I will leave the thread alone and message epic. can’t wait for your set though bro I will def buy.

not at all but if you have an issue with a moderator or their actions in any way you should report it to one of the epic guys, then they can look into it and sort it out.

some things are best kept private as they can cause more problems for example causing lots of arguments which isn’t good for the forum or its members, epic has made the rules for a reason and we just try to make sure everyone abides by them, I haven’t really been involved with this particular situation till now but if I see anyone breaking any rules I will be giving out warnings/infractions as appropriate, please keep that in mind as I don’t want to see people getting anymore warnings/infractions.

I would appreciate your patience till we hear back from epic, thanks.