Infinite Knives & Blades - $29.99

For our next pack we’re developing an Infinite Knives & Blades pack for the Unreal Marketplace.

This pack is going to be updated ONCE a month like our Affordable Landscapes pack and will launch with 12 starter meshes. Each month a new mesh will be added to the pack and made accessible through Dropbox to buyers of the Infinite Knives & Blades pack. Every time a new mesh is added to the pack the price of the pack will increase by $5 so the sooner you buy, the more value you get. We’ll have more information for you soon.

I really like your work, but why do you always create threads before you even have anything to show? Rules for this forums section:

Quoted from here: Marketplace Info and Guidelines: READ FIRST - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums

Because this is meant to be a living pack it’s important to give people who are interested in buying a pack like this the ability to give us insight into what they might need. There have been many threads that aren’t specifically about items available on the marketplace. Some are about the pricing. Some are complaints about assets not working. I think posting like I do would be problematic if I never had anything to show. But I use this as a way to seek feedback from the community as to what the pack should include.

If you go back and look at our Bushes & Shrubs pack, what was once a bare-bones thread is now brimming with content and media. We will support this thread much in the same way.

I actually agree with . Although this specific pack isn’t currently available on the marketplace, they do have a great reputation and have many other great assets on the marketplace, and have done a lot of freelance work for members of this community. So even though my opinion has no real significance, I definitely think we can make an exception.

Example of another post that asks the community for feedback before actually creating anything for the marketplace: PurePolygons - What would you guys like to see next? - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums

By the way, I do like this idea of unlimited knives. What kind of knives and blades are you considering to add to the pack, e.g. modern, medieval, etc.

I am curious as well, of potential content. Are you aiming for any particular theme? Oversized anime swords? Fantasy weapons with crazy curves? Replicas of historic weaponry?

I wonder if a poll would help gauge the desires of the community. Some may need a pack of accurate replicas. Others may need classic MMO weapons which tend to have wildly varied colors and structure.

Just to throw this out there: I would be very interested in a Blueprint tool that would work similar to how a “character creation” screen would work, except for weaponry.

So for example, say a player blacksmith wants to make a sword with a long curved blade and a snakeskin leather-wrapped hilt of blue and gold skin. The player would use the weapon creation screen to manipulate textures, polys, materials, and other data to create a unique object within the game.

I know that is slightly off topic, sorry. XD

I never noticed the part about not posting about a pack until you had it on the Marketplace. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a Marketplace forum.

My understanding is that if someone is promoting their work it is either already submitted to EPIC or is already on the marketplace. This forum isn’t limited to promotion only; that section specifically applies to threads regarding promotion of assets. When things are WIP they should be in the WIP forum. The PurePolygons thread linked here is not a promotion thread, but seeking direction from the community. It differs from this one in the fact that it doesn’t start a thread about the next content pack that will be on the marketplace even though nothing has been completed and/or submitted to EPIC. It is a poll asking what people want next from a specific seller.

This is the same reason why I personally have never started a thread promoting my work unless it was submitted or already placed on the marketplace. I come to this forum looking for feedback on current marketplace items, marketplace news, and discovery of new marketplace releases. I use the WIP forum to see what people are working on or thinking about submitting to the marketplace. For example someone complained about the Debris Vol 1 pack thread that was 12 pictures of nothing but a brick wall in the marketplace forum. That is exactly what the rule John linked to is trying to stop from happening; turning the marketplace forum into a messy half version of completed assets and the WIP forum.

I’m not sure what the moderators want, but they should make it clear for the community.

I personally like content creators that try to involve their potential customers in the development process. It makes for more tailored products. The ones that really throw me are the ones I never see on the forums until they show up on the Marketplace, out of the blue. And I guess you can get the collaboration and ideas from the WIP forums, as well, but then you’re competing with all sorts of unrelated stuff.

Agreed. The WIP Forum is designed for feedback and direction and I suspect that is what the rule cited above and the forum structure is trying to facilitate. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get mod direction on this soon enough.

The biggest issue with posting to the marketplace first and then showcasing your work after the fact is that if there are things that people don’t like it can take a while for those updates to get incorporated on the Marketplace. I feel much safer for both myself and my customers if we can address any issues before I submit my packs.

In my Infinite Bushes & Shrubs pack for example, the community requested I add wind to the pack. Originally I wasn’t going to include wind, but because I showcased what I was going for early on in the development the community was able to offer guidance on price and content and I was able to get the wind incorporated. Now when the pack goes on sale they’ll have wind out of the box. This is invaluable for both the seller and the buyer. Alternatively the pack would have gone live whenever Epic gets around to adding it to the Marketplace and then the however many days it would take for the pack to get updated with the wind. I would have ended up with negative reviews for the lack of wind. Customers meanwhile would have gotten stuck waiting for an update.

Transparency and open dialog between sellers and buyers should be celebrated. If I am going to spend the man hours developing a package specifically for the marketplace I want to be able to spend time going back and forth with my potential buyers so they know exactly what I am offering and they can tell me exactly what they’re expecting. This allows flexibility for both of us. I think at this point it should be okay to post these threads in both the marketplace forum AND the work in progress forum because they are related to both. If the rules don’t allow this then the rules ought to be amended in order to accommodate this kind of communication and community building.

Again it would be different if I was posting threads with no information and never showing any work, but every thread I have personally started has been supported from top to bottom with constant media updates and progress reports. This will be no different. Although there are some like the Debris pack that are less impressive in the updates they present to the community, the updates are nevertheless forthcoming. But just because one individual fails to properly showcase their content for their pack doesn’t mean everyone is going to be guilty of the same.

I think self promotion on the market place is a great thing. Many of the reasons have been covered by and I love how it builds hype for a particular release. Without it the market place section becomes a mirror of the market place site and I guess a support show, which is very boring.
I’m sure Epic will step in if they feel it is being abused. As for the debris example, OP apologised.

Anyway, back to the knives, does it include swords as queried earlier? Or are talking stuff like butterfly, kitchen, combat, hunting utility etc.?

Moving Thread to Work In Progress until this is actually submitted to the Marketplace.

Once that happens you can either close this thread and open a new one or we can move it back … it would probably be better to close this one and open a new one. Thanks.

This pack is going to aim for realistic weapons meaning nothing with a World of Warcraft type hand drawn look. Other than that every modern, medieval, and in-between type of knife and blade is fair game. Everything is fair game. What kind of knives and blades would you guys like to see?

I think that is a bit foolish and I have seen plenty of threads int he marketplace forum about packs coming soon or gaining interest to see if they want it. a lot of people do not check nor post in this exact forum. If you want to gauge interest for a possibly marketplace item why not post it in the marketplace forum.

interested to see screen shots man really interested in blades.

Yeah I also don’t get the “moving thread” thing. So that means the rest of this subforum has been scoured as well, yes? Otherwise it’s solely picky-choosy.

Yah…that policy needs to change.

Honestly I’m at a loss for words guys. I don’t know what I can say to you that I haven’t already said to the moderators privately. Been trying to process this move all day long. I feel tremendous unfairness in this. Tremendous unfairness.

^Well, it’s not really the fault of the whole forum. It’s one moderator acting out of respect for the rules. You could probably clarify by simply asking another moderator or whatever group message may work. :slight_smile:

I’ve talked to more than one person already.

Their argument is that because I didn’t show enough content upfront, they used the “haven’t submitted content to Epic” rule against me. They won’t touch anyone else who hasn’t submitted their content to Epic, nor would I want them to. I’ve just been singled out. It’s not the move that bothers me. It’s the lack of consistency. Why did you single me out?

Whatever. They’ve gone silent on their end. I’m going to take a few days off to cool myself. I’ll respond to everyone’s questions about the pack when I’m back.