Infinite Item and Loot Generator

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**What is it? **

Then the Infinite Item Generator is the best tool to generate limitless item variations,each complete with their own stats and graphics.
I always was a big fan of the Diablo series and this is my homage to it. Anyone that has played Diablo 1-3 or any of the more popular action rpgs ( torchlight , path of exile , grim dawn etc ) should be familiar with how my system works as well.


**Screenshots **

General Information

The system is easy to plug and play and ready to be used for any game type. With just a few clicks you can generate endless items that are fully or partially randomized.

Any item property can be fixed or left completely at random ,allowing you to fine tune the system for your needs.

Current features :

  • Generate completely random weapons and armor items, based on a few easy to modify base values.
  • Choose from dozens of already created item rarities,classes and modifiers or create new ones with just a few clicks and the generator will handle the rest.
  • Ability to create custom items as well with either fixed or semi randomized stats.
  • Each item is generated with the following properties :
  • Item Level ( determines the minimum and maximum value of the stats ).
  • Class ( eg : axe,sword, leather armor, shield etc.).
  • Rarity.
  • Value ( based on rarity and class ).
  • Durability ( based on rarity and class ).
  • Damage amount,type and attack speed ( for weapons ).
  • Defense amount, slot( chest,shoulders,helmet, etc ) and type ( for armor).
  • Modifiers ( number based on rarity ).
  • 3D models ( based on class )
  • 2D icons ( based on class )
  • A large selection of icons are already included from infinity blade assets and a lot created especially for this pack.

Basically this is a plug and play solution that you can use out of the box and you should be able to add it to any game you want : RPG , Survival , it’s compatible with my existing platformer game template as well.
You just need to replace the graphics with your own and add whatever stats you desire and you now have limitless items to populate your game world with.
It can even be used for miscellaneous items ( currency , decorative , consumable items and so on ).

Any questions or feedback , please let me know.

Looks pretty nice! Is this network ready? (drops replicated etc.)

Not yet but I’ve seen a lot of people really would like networked assets for most things so I am working on updating it to be network ready. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard.

So I have started updating the pack in order to support multiplayer. Hopefully i should be able to submit the new version this weekend.

Is this working for 4.16? Tried to add it to a project and it looks like assets are missing from several folders. Downloading 4.17 now to see if it’s an issue there.

There should be the same project files for both versions.

Yeah, I tested this. Everything installs fine for 4.17 but not 4.16. Sent a pm with more info.

Thanks I’ll look into it.

Thanks, I have a project I’ve been working on that I’m not ready to upgrade to 4.17 yet. Would be much appreciated if I can just install this to 4.16. I could always merge but eh, figured I’d mention it’s not installing correctly to 4.16.

I’m not sure how the issue happened but it’s the same on my computer as well. I will submit a fix but those usually take a while to get going so I would suggest you merge manually for now if you are in a hurry,


Hello can you equip the items you have generated or do you need to provide your own ?

The items generated are physical items that have their own mesh and icons so you just need to replace the generic bag with whatever mesh you want and then equip it to your character.

I have another question I bought your pack today so far so good I want to implement it so when an enemy dies it spawns the box and opens up by it self but I’m abit lost please help

Hey ,
This should be easy enough. The item generator is an actor and you can use the spawn command to spawn the item generator actor when the enemy dies. For it opening by itself , it’s relatively easy. Just take the blueprint section that opens the chest when the button is pressed and add it after you spawn the chest so that it opens automatically.

Hope this helps.

OT : Also making stuff MP compatible is harder than it seems. I am currently reading through a lot of documentation and trying to make it mp compatible , but it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

How easy/difficult would this be to merge with the Action RPG inventory?

Since I do not own the action rpg inventory I do not know how it works but for my kit the spawned items are just regular actors so if you can use any actors with the rpg inventory then i see no reason why they can’t work together.

I have bought this now, but I have two questions:

  1. Why do you use no DataTables?
  2. How do you store the random items in inventory?

I have created my own random drop system and I have some problems to store the random items (and use them) in inventory, that´s the only reason why I have bought it…
I hope you want add an example inventory.

Storing items with an item id is easy, but I have no idea how I should do it with random stats and no id´s^^
I did it for now with many different stats to compare, but it´s a really bad way…

Each object is stored in a data structure, containing all the stats. It’s not difficult to take the stats in that data structure and export it as a data table. Please contact my support email if you need more details.

@axell699 hi i bought your pack but i am struggling to understand how to use it, is there any documentation for this?

There is no documentation outside the comments inside the pack itself, but if you let me know the part which you are struggling with I will be more than happy to assist you.