"Infiltrator" map in Unity at 4K

Wanted to test Unity before i chose Unreal for good and brought the Infiltrator map in Unity, added a couple normal maps from the original asset and applied mostly some of my own materials.

I feel it was overall interesting to test Unity on something of this scale, and played the original tech demo at 4K native ahead of everything to put things into perspective.

4K isn’t available yet and is still being processed by Youtube.

Video taken down by copyright claim from Epic Game

Could have just asked here really.

90ms+ (60ms on the other try) just to render static meshes plus 2 moving spaceships?

Something is very wrong; are you using a culling system + terrain engine to render the background mountains? Streaming?
They are probably the performance killers if not. The lighting looks good btw.

Well, Unity is using precomputed real-time global illumination on both version. It has a cost ! There’s a really interesting youtube comparison that show the same scene renderer in UE4 with Baked GI and Unity with precomputed-real-time GI: UE gets 60fps while Unity gets 40-45Fps.

Now at 4K with a scene of this scale, TAA and everything turned to 11, i’m afraid it’s quite accurate. Full culling over the entire elements of the scene. The moutains are the actual Meshes from the Infiltrator too.
They all got their related LODs working properly, i could set a more aggressive LOD parameter still.

Volumetric lightning looks really good.

4K has now been processed and is available in the graphic settings of the Youtube players. Even if you’re not using a 4K screen, trying higher resolution will at least benefit to the overall compression of the video and improve your experience.

The High-candy fun in Unity with everything turned to 11 starts at 20min40sec.
There’s also the Infiltrator demo running at native 4K, recorded at high bitrate. Looks pretty cool!

Video just got taken down by copyright claim by Epic Game. If any mod or staff had asked for it here i would have taken it down… :confused:

No need to ask. You should have been read the EULA, it’s not permitted to use unreal engine 4 assets on any other engine. Just read it.

Not just the assets, but the full avi movie as well…