Infiltrator demo can't see volumetric explosion in particle editor

Hi! Volumetric explosion is not showing up when I open it up in the particle editor. I see just black screen without any particles.

Yeah i have this problem to.

So, i have this problem to…Any suggestion to fix it ? When i open the volumetrix explosion (particle system) did not show nothing…(yes, i´m already check if “LIT” is on…

Same. Doesn’t work for me when I’m trying to view it in the particle editor and/or place it on the level separately.
I’d love to know why.

I can force it to trigger in the viewport by triggering a refresh from the particle editor. Not sure what’s causing the cascade editor view issue. May be worth revisiting it once Niagra’s released.


The answer is simply - there is TopLeft_Corner parameter - it’s physical volume location, so, it’s set to non zero world location in the VolumeTexture2Sample_inst and that’s the reason you cannot see anything in the cascade