Industrial City

**Update March 30, 2016:
Industrial City has been released!

Industrial City is a high quality environment pack with over 300 assets to create an industrial city with full control of grunge. Buildings can be built using both modular & hyper modular pieces to create a multi-level interior and exterior building. Populate your urban industrial city with over 150 props ranging from garbage, back alley debris to modular building assets like ventilation systems and fire escapes

**Features: **
• Ability to create multi-level floors with interiors - we give you both modular and hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless - variety of buildings
• Over 100 hyper modular pieces
• Over 60 pre-built roof, main & mid floor pieces
• 150 industrial props - huge variety of props to fill out your scene
• About 20 vegetation props - trees, bushes, & grass to help add some greenery to your scene
• 12 tileable terrain textures - paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation
• LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props - allows for a more streamlined game
• Complete Support & Documentation


Hey everyone, PolyPixel back for the New year with plans to release even more packs! We have 3-4 packs going on right now and they will all be submitted in Q1. I will make separate threads for the rest of them.

Here’s some screenshots for our Modern Industrial City Pack:

Can’t wait for this and the update to Urban City Pack!

Yep it is coming nicely,well done :wink:

what time frame is q1

First 3 months of the year. Epic has a delay once products have been submitted so this may not be in the marketplace until April-May

Some more updates:

Playing around with the modular vent system

Looking good man won’t wait for marketplace will buy from your site as usual.

Some more WIP, a little overboard with the decals and grunge but showing what is capable with vertex painting

Everything looks great, but those roads look far too flat and clean for the environment. There should be damage to the roads and the asphalt should be much more faded, the paint shouldnt look that fresh either.

If it is not already planned can I request realistic entry ways into parking lots, “drive way entries for the cars to not jump curbs” Maybe something modular to use in the entire city.

There are some modular City packs out there on the market place, that have variable materials on them, and even more props. So you’re blocky assets don’t look too good compared to them. Either increase the value or quantity of props.

Awesome idea! We’re looking into including something like this now into the pack, not sure exactly how it will be done but there will be some sort of entry way, thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback and I agree! One of the biggest difficulties is finding the balance between making it too dirty/clean. The roads can be vertex painted so we give the user control of how much grunge/dirt they want on it.

Early lighting tests, low bake settings so it may look a bit blurry

poly how is this coming bro

Here’s a video promo!

About how close would you say this is to completion?

We are packaging this up and doing promotional material (screenshots, video) and will submit this to the Marketplace in the next few days. It should be available on our website some time this week! :slight_smile:

Then I shall have it this week!