Industrial City

can you enter any of these buildings? Not too interested in this one if not, though I love your guys packs for the most part.

for your structures, instead of just including a model of the building completed. You should make them blueprints and add configurable things like “lights on in windows” “light colours” “randomness of lights” “grunge on walls level” “destruction” stuff like that for quick prototyping etc. Just a suggestion.

Checking the site daily to see if I can buy it lol. Your vid says available now what a tease!

The buildings are enterable with basic shell walls :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions in creating a blueprint! We’ve been looking into it and there’s a lot of variables to consider and also creates tons of bugs since the user will want something exactly to their desire.

It’s released now! I can’t link to our site as that is against forum rules. Enjoy!

Sweet, i’ll pick it up.

As for the blueprints, I dont think so. Keep it simple and release it as it is. Keep it bug-free yes, but feature-wise it releases as is. If the user wants something more or whats to polish models for final product they can do it manually like they would anyway. Or modify the blueprints based of what you start with. But having each building and the ability to replicate it 20 times with different point and click/check/drag lights, grunge, destruction, colours, weed/vine growth would speed prototyping cities up a ton and give you guys an edge in terms of your packs. Pretty “easy” updates for previous packs relatively speaking to help boost them up too. The models are already there so add some code to point/click change the looks of them. The urban construction pack by quantum theory has touched on this concept and its on a good track but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Your sets are nice and complete…sometimes a little too clean and polished with some models. It would help the people that dont know, care to know or have time to use other tools to add grunge and dynamic building lights, foliage growth, destruction etc, manually, prototype or finalize their stuff closer to the look they want.

I have bought most of your packs, I’m a loyal customer that knows what they’d like. I know you guys pay attention to feedback which is cool.
Keep up the good work.

Oh and sign names. Ability to easily change sign names would be cool.

has this released?

Thanks again for the suggestions! You’ve made some great points that we’re going to look into. Blueprints is something we’re still learning so may take some time to get something up to that level :slight_smile:

We just got this approved today! It is set to release March 30th :smiley:

Hey guys! This has just released on the marketplace, enjoy!

Nice kit in 4.10 but demo scene crashes in 4.11

Thank you for letting us know, we shall sort this out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

We’re digging into this and will take some time as the crash log doesn’t help much. It’s most likely a blueprint, material, or something that 4.11 doesn’t like. Unfortunately the real 4.11 version didn’t come out until the same time as this release so we haven’t had a proper chance to test in it. Will keep you updated :slight_smile:

I’ll be buying as soon as Epic deposits our March Marketplace sales into our account. I don’t know why they bother sending it to Paypal when we keep putting it all right back into the Marketplace :slight_smile:

Hi I bought this from your site downloaded it, stuck it inside my project that is 4.10 and its like everything doesn’t exist yet has a shadow and when I drag something in its pretty much the same. is there something im doing wrong? its fine if I just open the unreal project file but I want to add those assets to my own project xD

EDIT: I also now own the “Post Apocalyptic World” which does the same thing… im at a loss xD

haha thanks for your support! there’s tons of great stuff on the marketplace now and we find ourselves digging into other packs quite a bit too :slight_smile:

If you just copied the folders into your own project there’s a high chance that it will be broken. Follow these instructions on migrating assets from our products into your own projects

Let me know if this fixes your issues

Any updates on the fixes for DemoScene?

The normals on the buildings need to be fixed at the edges, which (at least when using dynamic lightning) shows a very obvious seam.


Hey Stefan, we have been digging into this issue and it looks like something in the foliage tool is breaking the scene. It’s occurring on a few products and we’ve contacted Epic to take a look into it as it is engine related. Please be patient with us as they release a fix for it

Thanks for pointing out the issue with the level modular pieces, we’ll look into it.

The issue I described is much less pronounced if you use high quality Shadow Maps instead of Distance Field Shadows. So it’s not too bad.

Ok awesome! Thanks for looking into that for us. It has been mentioned to us that the next update should hotfix these problems with 4.11 crashing the demo scene.