Industrial area Hangar

Hi guys, this is my new industrial level
Industrial Area Hangar vailable for purchase
Web site

and I want to show you some WIP pictures.
Further work on the big and small details, plan to do a huge amount of different garbage, plates, and other useful things

Looking good!!

Ah awesome! any ideas on prices?

Could you add sci-fi elements to it too in a modular way? So that it can be used for sci-fi games ?

Don’t forget about guard rails on the scaffolding, Safety first.

have you got a release date ?

In this set, still need to to do a lot of work, as I plan to add a lot of elements, a few houses and small props, decal for dirt and damage. I also plan to make a puddle on the floor using vertex color.

Interesting idea, I think about it. Is possible to add the near future

To finish everything I need about 3 weeks

Today I created some decals for fallen leaves, these decals that can be used for road curbs, buildings or any other objects which could Leaves is, as the screenshots show the process of creating these decals
First, I created a set of separate leaves

Then I created a large group of leaves and dropped on the inclined plane

The result was a pile of fallen leaves under the border

Then bake all the textures on the decal surface, and finally I have following result


Attention to detail like this is great. Would make me interested in purchasing as my game will need areas like this at some point. As I’m sure a lot of games would so you have a chance to make a definitive package here. Adding paid assets as time goes on is fine by me as well if excellent quality and variety. eg vol 1, 2, 3 etc…


Realy nice assets! I will take it as reference and create my own cool versions :3

Today I added the ability to free drawing puddles, using vertex color

Pretty cool, reminds me of something you’d see in The Division or Watchdogs. Keep it up. =)

is it coming when to sale in marketplace??

Thank you ! SE_JonF

a couple of weeks and will be release

Added electrical wires

Working on vegetation

That looks gorgeous, subscribed, gg :wink: