Industrial area Hangar

Thank you ! )

Yeah, Hangar 18 ! Megadeth - Hangar 18 - YouTube

​Hi guys, today I finished my new set industrial area hangar.
This set is perfect for creation of locations in open areas, urban or industrial character.
This pack includes:
modular houses and hangar
drilling platform
few tanks
containers of different colors
railway carriage of different colors
road modules
modules of floor slabs
few variants of lamp posts
few fences, metal and concrete
piles of garbage
concrete blocks
garbage containers
wall bracket lamps, turned on and off
water heaters
transformer poles, compressed air bottle in different colors, welder, industrial ventilation piping, few metal gates, modular building timber, wooden pallets, antennas for houses, decals of fallen leaves, puddles created with the help of vertex color technology, which you can add to the road, 3 trees of different height, reels with cable, rainwater pipes.

looks great!
I’d suggest, instead of packaging up the whole thing for a high price (which it deserves), why not make smaller packs of related content for more reasonable prices…then the whole pack at some kind of discount.
Not sure how the marketplace works for things like this but I’ll bet you sell more this way - and you deserve to be rewarded for all this effort.

I’d personally find that annoying. Plus I think it would sell less because of that. A fair price for the lot means people wanting the lot will buy it plus people just wanting a few things will see the price isn’t CRAZY and will buy it still just for those few things.

Anyway, this looks great. I’d buy it for sure if all those buildings(not just the large one) are all enter-able and not one-sided from the inside.

I plan to make several smaller parts
For example,
1.Modular buildings with inner and outer part, plate floor, props set
2.Props set, industrial and urban
3.Set of roads and sidewalks fences, bumpers, road props set

Those leaves are awesome. They add a ton of realism to the scenes.

Thank you! Necrophob30

Badass to me, i think i’ll be a buyer :wink:

One thing missing, a set of 6-10 spline editable pipes…

Ha ha)) Thank you ! :wink: macoll

Industrial Area Hangar vailable for purchase

at 1:08 in your video. is the white building on the left enter-able?
From the aerial view it looked like there was no ceiling on it? Might just not be a good perspective.


Such great evolution! Now all you need are some graffiti decals :slight_smile:

Exactly this building has no interior and roof. adjacent building (red brick) with the interior and has a ceilings

a great idea, the next will be an update graffiti decals, additional surfaces for roads (dirt dirt road, tiles and other things)
Part of the port area, and railway junction, working on it
Thank you

any plans to complete this building?

even just a big empty room that the user can populate on their own, nothing special inside.
a door and some windows(and roof)?

I work on an update, and will soon add LODs for all objects, few new buildings, interior and equipment for interior


4.15 update coming?

Yes soon will be available, has already sent in check to the epic. version 4.15

Will that also include the update you mentioned a few posts ago? Thanks