Indoor Reflection Problem

Hi to all, when i create sphere or box reflection for a glass object it adds also sky sphere reflection. This problem occurs only in stand alone game, not in editor. How can i solve this problem?

Thanks in advance…

sorun 1.jpg

sorun 2.jpg

does your level have a skylight? looks to me like its trying to composite the box cubemap with the sky cubemap in a busted way. the box should take precedence in that scenario based on my understanding but its also possible I am overlooking something or missing how something was set up in your level.

if you do have a skylight try deleting or disabling it… and maybe changing it to another method (ie static if its dynamic now). if that turns out to be it, could you please make an answerhub thread? that will show it is indeed a bug with skylights.

also, does scaling the box up help? maybe its thinking you are more outside the box than you really are or something like that when in the game.

Thank you for your quick reply.
Yes i have a skylight but i didn’t composite the box cubemap with the sky cubemap. I check my scaling and everything seems to be fine. When i disable the skylight the problem has been solved as u have said. Does this mean that UE4 has a bug?

I am seeing this as well in 4.12.5 4.12 - Translucent Materials Broken - UE4 AnswerHub

Has this been logged as a bug?