Individual behavior trees or attempt to generalize?

Just have a quick question regarding behavior trees and different types of actors using them:

Basically I am banging my head against the wall trying to come up with a general behavior tree for a certain type of AI. On a very base level it is simple enough of course, but when it comes to specific actions I want each individual AI to perform, it becomes very complex. I have made some attempts generalizing custom events in their character blueprints and doing lots of checking who the AI controller is controlling to fire them.

But right now I have pretty much hit a brick wall. So I was wondering, will there be any major drawbacks to creating specific behavior trees for individual AIs? More specifically, does it strain the engine (and thereby the system of the player) noticably? Think of what I am making as a bog-standard type of game, with multiple types of enemies. With level streaming I do not expect more than 10-15 individual ones to be active at any one point and the behavior tree for each is fairly simple as they sense the player and either try to intercept or stay at range and perform actions.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Note that it would require not only a behavior tree but at least one task specific to each AI to use in said behavior tree.