Indirect Lighting of Stationary Light is seriously wrong?!

I’m using one or more stationary point light for dynamic intensity indirect lighting in my room.
I placed a point light, set intensity as 5000, build. Then I got a good scene.

Then I set intensity as 0 without building. I got a wrong result:

After building I got correct result:

From documention:

It seems a bug that render doesn’t change intensity of indirect lighting precomputed by lightmass.

Hey TuxZZ!
As far as I understand(Could be wrong though), it’s work like intended. It changes color and brightness at runtime like Movable(But can’t move), but it can’t change its contribution to GI after building. I mean, you can’t modify precomputed lighting like that :slight_smile:

Yes it’s not a bug afaik.
Stationary lights can change color and intensity of their dynamic part, but the lightmaps remain static after building. Try lowering the indirect lighting slider together with basic intensity, and see if it’s working, but i don’t think it should.

If you only have single light you can scale all indirect lighting from post process settings.

But I have many lights. Can I scale indirect lighting of specific light?

Changing indirect lighting slider has no effect.

Nope. All lights are calculated to single indirect light value.

I don’t think that’s working correctly, it might be the case that it only adjusts correctly during gameplay. From what I understand, it stores a stationary light on different image channels (which is why it’s limited to 4 lights) and that means the light is actually separated individually which means it’s easy to adjust the intensity of the light.

Nope. Stationary lights do bake their direct shadowing to separate channels. But all indirect lights are just summed. You can check that from generated lightmaps.
Indirect term need a lot more channels than one. There are hdr color and directionality information. These need at least full two textures.