Indirect Lighting of Point Lights in Level BP's vs Class BP's

I’m trying to build a dark maze level using the 3rd Person Blueprint template file and having an issue with the indirect lighting setting. I’m new to Unreal 4 but I realized that when building a dark level meaning no light at all, that the indirect lighting setting seemed to paint the walls with the color of the light after building the level. So by putting that setting to zero and rebuilding everything was fine. I set up a trigger box to toggle the visibility of the light upon overlap in the level blueprint and it worked great. I then went to create the same setup in a class blueprint and even with that same setting turned to zero I still see the light after building the level. It functions properly before building but after I’m left “scratching my head”. Does anyone have any insight?

-Justin Zummo


Video explaining in better detail the issue that I’m having.

Hi Justin,

While watching your video at the 1:40 mark when you show your class BP with where you select the spot light, it’s set to Static which will bake the lighting in to the lightmap for the wall mesh. This essentially means that you cannot toggle the light on and off like you would like, because the static light is not being handled at run time.

All you should need to do is change the light to movable and you won’t have to worry about any baked lighting, or indirect lighting dynamic lights do not provide any dynamic GI (indirect lighting).

Try that and let me know if you’re still having issues.