Indirect Lighting and lightmap problems

I have been having huge problems with my scene and have not been able to fix any of the weird problems that I have. I tried building the lights for the walls as an exterior and its perfect but when its interior it looks like this:

I have tried everything to redoing my light maps perfectly and also Redoing my models and still the same results as I have had before…

Now updating this problem, a friend of mine told me to delete EVERY single light including the default BP_Sky_Sphere, Post Process etc, and try just using a direction light. I have literally made a new project even on the new version of Unreal Engine 4 with only a directional light and I am still having the same issues that I have had before…

I also realized when deleting all lights and then building the lights that Im still getting light on the geometry when it should be fully black. (No emmisives textures or anything that would project light)

Built With Lights:

Built without ANY lights (Should have no lights):

I am wondering what I should do to fix this. I have never had these problems with other environments I have done in the past and has been a huge problem for me. Hopefully anyone can help.

Hi ,

This is quite a common problem when building lighting with modular pieces. You can try and change the indirect lighting quality and smoothness in the world settings and see if this is enough to fix it, otherwise maybe custom lightmap uv’s. I’ll add a few sources with the same problem.

You can try these settings first (which Tim Hobson used)
World Settings:
Indirect Lighting Quality: 2
Indirect Lighting Smoothness: 0.6

The version without any lights, does that have a skylight?

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for helping.

the versions without any lights do not have a skylight.

I fixed that problem, i found a new method, that’s why changing smoothness didnt work for me, so after many tests, i got this solution, check my video: thanks me later :wink:

Hey I fixed that terrible problem, I also made a great tutorial. Check it out:
Thanks me later :slight_smile: