India creates history.

India created history on Wednesday, becoming the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt.

Indian Space Research Organisation’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft started orbiting the red planet at 7.47am, but it was only 12 minutes later —because of a time delay in radio signals travelling the 680 million km.

On this mission, Russia and America had failed before.


There are 2 robots already operating on the surface of Mars…

India just like China copies.

I think he meant that this was the first time any nation managed this on the first attempt. Not sure if that is true, though…

No i said was
India was the first country to be sucessfull.

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Didn’t the rovers and the probes come with vehicles that first needed to go in orbit?
This is at least what Kerbal has taught me:)

Viking Orbiter beat you to it 40 years ago (launched August 1975).

BUt it was not sucessful .

I’m sorry, but what? The Viking Orbiter was widely regarded as ‘successful’, it was active for a number of years. I have no idea what you’re on about with India’s mission being the first to be successful. That’s nonsense.

However, when it comes to the cost of the mission? India has the United States (and other countries) beat by a mile!

Yup, while you are handing our random internet cookies to virtual dogs while taking a break from cultivating the foliage for the next Hobbiton, we at least managed to inject some metal into Martian orbit at the first attempt.
When is the next rocket from South Farthing landing on the moon BTW?

I think he meant to say ‘India is the first country to succeed in its maiden attempt’. According to Wikipedia, no other country has succeeded in getting the craft into orbit in its first attempt.

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india is not the first but india is the first that has successful in its first attempt and has made it in the most affordable budget of all of the four who have succeded before india. its budget is even less than the production budget of whole Gravity movie.

Viking was the first attempt (by anyone, ever) and it was successful, so this is not correct.

This is also not correct:

Obviously, because they had to build everything from scratch.

I stand corrected!

However, the US still takes the prize for first orbiter around Mars on it’s maiden attempt, according to your own link:

They did however fail their first flyby attempt, and succeeded with the second.

Viking was the first successful martian lander (also NASA’s first attempt).

With enough conditions anything and everybody can be first or best.

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In any case, I wouldn’t say that this has really made history (for anyone except perhaps the Indian people). India are kind of standing on the shoulders of giants.

And don’t forget that the giants did this in 60s. They didn’t have the Internet to download old declassified papers from other space agencies. They didn’t have Kerbal Space Program to see if their plans work. They used computers less powerful than your iPhone5 whose only output were sheets of monotonous green numbers. There was no Unreal Engine 4 and the acid was the only way to see SM5-level visual effects. They wasn’t even sure that it was possible to land on Mars. But they did it. That’s what I call an achievement!

So yes, this thing is the first Indian spacecraft orbiting Mars and are all happy for them! But I don’t think it is correct to compare it to what US and USSR did back in the good old days of the Space Race. It’s like saying that a modern schoolboy is smarter than Albert Einstein because he can calculate faster using his device, while Einstein had to use paper, pencil and a lot of time.