Index controllers not tracking

The hands of the vr character I made don’t track the controllers anymore, they worked a while ago but I can’t figure out why it broke now.
If I open the steam overlay I can see the controllers there.
There are some other components attached to the character and those still do what they should do, so the player does posess the character.
The motioncontroller components are both set to left and right hands.
I tried making a quick new character with vr hands but that has the same issue.
The project was in 4.23, creating a 4.24 project and migrating everything to that project didn’t solve it either.
If anyone has the same issue or knows how to fix this, any help is welcome!

I managed to fix it by just deleting the character from the scene and placing it again, somehow I tried everything except that.
I have no idea if there was a setting or parameter somewhere that I set to something wrong or if it was just bugged, but this solved the issue.