Index Controller analogue sticks - How do I map to them?!

I’m trying to use the analogue sticks on an Index controller but I can’t get them to behave properly.

When I set up inputs in the Unreal Project settings there are inputs for:

  • (L) Thumbstick
  • (L) Thumbstick X
  • ​​​​​​​(L) Thumbstick Y
  • ​​​​​​​(L) Thumbstick Up, Down, Left & Right

None of them seem to let me set them up as analogue axis in the SteamVR binding dashboard.

When I set input in Unreal 4 as “​​​​​​​(L) Thumbstick Y” for move forward and “​​​​​​​(L) Thumbstick X” for move right, the the SteamVR dashboard I see nothing bound to the left stick, and one action (my move right input) listed as not bound. I don’t know where move forward is, but it doesn’t work in game so its not much help any way.

When I set the Unreal input as “​​​​​​​(L) Thumbstick” for both the move forward and right inputs, in the SteamVR dashboard I get both actions mapped to the stick, but both are on the X axis and I can’t seem to change it, and both are “Use as Set Analogue Action” which I think would make them act as buttons, but they still don’t work so I can’t be sure.

The only way I’ve gotten a working analogue axis input was to use the triggers, I never get an axis response from the sticks. I can use the touch and click functions but not the axis, I never receive a value.

Am I missing a step in my setup here?

Same here… How hard can it be? The exact same button configuration for the Oculus Touch works as expected:

  1. Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick X - WORKS
  2. Valve Index (R) Thumbstick X - DOES NOTHING

I have had this problem for a while, but I just emailed Valve support and got a reply within the hour that fixed my problem.

I was pointed to this thread which has the solution;

Basically you need to include _X and _Y in the axis binding names, so I changed mine to Move_X and Move_Y instead of MoveForward and MoveRight. After doing that you have to “Regenerate Action Manifest” by scrolling down to the SteamVR settings in the Project Settings window and clicking on it, and finally don’t forget to change the names in your code to use the new Move_X etc.

Now I have working thumbsticks on both Oculus and Index.