Independent FOV & No Clipping

Render Layers or Per-Component FOV or independent FOV
I requested for this 2 features some years ago here, there are no changes, someone said is not possible cause the deferred render, but now I see this features in Cryengine V and Unity 5 and the both are using deferred render shading.
Not sure why Epic Games not made this yet, played the other day some FPS games made in UE4 and this leak of features make you vomit at play for example Dead By DayLight in FPS mode cause the FOV is too low and the weapon can’t be rendered with other FOV different to the camera one, and if you give a bigger FOV to the camera, the weapon will be gone of the camera or total stretched.

Please Epic Games add this, is needed for all the First Person games… (No solution but a fake filter) ( Backlogged since more than 2 years ago and counting )

Thank you and have a great day!

Please Epic add this…

I can’t give the proper result without this, can’t give zoom in weapon cause the weapon go off screen, and when select a 100 or 120 FOV the weapons start to looks pretty bad

If you check Squad game looks like have problems too with the sniper scopes and other type of scopes are impossible to make without this…

Please Epìc add this…

All the games today use it Battlefield, Dying Light, etc etc

Second this. Also hardware cursors. And there’s still no proper font styling/kerning/etc. in UMG. A lot of bells and whistles get implemented but “normal” things like this just take forever and ever.

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Would also be interested in this

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Is this possible with the new forward rendering ?

Or is possible to render the map with deferred rendering and then the weapon with forward rendering ?

This is a really important feature for all FPS games, why is it not possible yet?

Add this or RIOT! :rolleyes:

I’m very interested in this as well. Would be nice if Epic could give an answer.

In Quakes and Doom 3 is you change FOV, weapon changes with FOV too. I am not sure what kind of independent FOV you are talking about.

For weapon not to go through walls, disable depth testing on it, or better yet make animation holstering weapon when get too close to another actor.

Why not just use the Panini Projection shader from Unreal Tournament?

Rendering into different layers is very unlikely to happen, since it’s way too expensive. I believe that’s been said before.

Tried it today and it works really well for me. Thanks a lot. :cool:

Panini works really bad

And Epic added now Forward Rendering not sure if that changes something…
By the way why all the other engines as Unity, Cryengine etc have it and don’t have performance problems ?

You have images posted you can see how the weapon at change FOV keep with the same Fov

By the way disable depth testing is only for transluced materials and don’t work like that…

And what game does this kind of nonsense ?

Dying Light, Call of Duty, Battlefield… All the new version since about 4 years and basically all the modern FPS games

How about new DOOM and Wolf TNO?

Doom don’t have ADS…
And by the way the Doom weapon don’t cross the walls…

Not sure what ADS is, but if DOOM doesn’t have it then UE4 doesn’t need it either :wink:

And there is no problem making weapons render on top of everything using this tutorial

Or you can animate it to lower down when too close to a wall, which would be more realistic.