Independent FOV & No Clipping

ADS is when you aim down sights as in all the modern shooters you know, Doom and Wolf are just old school games in new engines don’t include any of that don’t mean UE4 don’t need features that other engines offers to keep updated, ADS and FOV control in weapons are more related cause you need a better weapon location control and focus, you know, but whatever made this post months ago to see if Epic with the new forward rendering or somethint can add this or not can, I don’t get reply from they so…

there is news about it? or any good solution?

No news and no solutions sadly…

How is it that Epic does not support this, it is the basis for an excellent and modern fps

Simple, cause they have only one FPS begin build and don’t have aim or ADS or any other kind of thing in it that make they need it. Just a old school gameplay.

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I need this feature too.
No updates?

2020 Bump!
Would be nice to see this feature before UE5

2021 Bump
This Feature is really needed