Incremental remote compile(UBT+URT) for iOS?

With UE4, the remote build for iOS(UBT+URT) seems to be less supported. But after a dig into the forum/wiki I managed to get it work. Now I can write C++ code in Visual Studio and then upload the code to Mac to be compiled in Xcode/clang. After that I use iphonePackager to package the resulting ipa file to my iOS device.

However, the above procedure does not support incremental build. Even for the smallest code changes, the procedure is repeated and the entire code base gets uploaded and compiled. It takes more than 30 minutes for an almost empty uproject to get compiled, which is totally insane…

The question is, is it possible to enable incremental build for a setup like this?

Incremental build is supported in UE3/UBT, but seems to be missing in UE4. I already searched though the “Engine/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/BuildConfiguration.xml” file, which says nothing about incremental build.

For anyone concerned with this question, the editor by default enables ‘full rebuild’ for packaging.

To disable it, just go to Edit>Project Settings>Game>Packaging, and in the project block, click the small downward arrow and cancel the ‘Full Rebuild’ option.