Incremental Patching

Hi everyone!!

I don’t know how to explain my problem, but I’ll explain what I have and what I want:

I’ve just made a project with 10 items, I package my project and have the release executable. (779MB)
Then I add 10 more items to the project, create a Patch and add it into the packs folder in order to have the update (the pack file generated is 348MB)

But when I try to add a new set of 10 items to generate a second package, the new file again is 389MB

I would like to generate a third package just with the difference between second and trhir packs (389-348) = 41 MB, that is the size of the new items.

Can you help me with some suggestions? I have already read Updating Unreal Engine Projects With Patches After Release | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation but I’m not engineer and can’t figure this out how to solve what I’m asking.


Any suggestions? Still having the issue :c

You would need a launcher to do this work for you.

UE4 gives you some base ability to perform patches based off an initial version, in your project launcher build by the book section you will have a “create release version for distribution” which will be followed by a field for you to type in a release name. This will create your final release for the project, it will assign all the files that are required by your game.

When you generate a patch, you would need to provide that release name to the “Release version this is based on”. This has mainly worked for me whenever I used “store all content in a single pak file” for both the release and the patch.

If you distribute your game through steam, then your patches will be automatically handled by their system to only update the files required (better not to use the single pak file in this scenario).

Similarly to steam, you can achieve the same result with Launchpad.