Increasing the quality of the panorama when rendering through Panoramic Rendering

Hello. I render panoramas with Pnoramic Capture in Render Queue. I can not figure out how to increase the quality of the result. Increasing resolution, number of anti-aliasing samples and vertical/horizontal steps doesn’t help. How can I increase rendering quality?
I am attaching a picture with an example of my problem:

Hey did you find any solution on this???, I am facing same issue.

@Ajay_Pande007 I wasn’t able to achieve perfect quality, but I managed to improve the result. In the Panoramic Capture settings, you need to increase the number of vertical and horizontal steps. You also need to disable focus in the camera settings. This will help you get better results

Thank you @HS287011 for your reply much appreciated, yes tried the same thing, right not being able to achieve the same quality as Vray and corona. if you find any solution to this in future please do share it, will do if I find a solution. :slight_smile:

I now use a plugin use 360 camera v2 (it costs a lot of money but work paid for it) Its quite complicated to use but once you get it working its amazing!