Increased Vertex Count after Importing FBX


I have Imported some Static Meshes in both UE4.14 and Unity 5.5, which were Created in Maya & Max (2014) and Exported from Max (2014).

The UVs were Mapped for each Mesh.
The Mesh was also Triangulated before Exporting.

The Vertex count Triples and Doubles for UE4 and Unity resp (Ratio NOT Consistent but Increases the Vertex Count).

Is This an expected Behavior in Game Engine(s).

If SO, then How to reduce the Multiplication of the Vertices during Import.
If NOT, then any Guidance would be much appreciated.

I have attached relevant Images for Reference:



Unity 5.5:

The Image’s Links are

[Maya 2014][1]

[UE4 without UV’s shown][2]

[UE4 with UV’s shown][3]

[Unity 5.5][4]


Saw this Question but did not understand @Deathrey’s Comment:

Make edges soft in your modelling package. If you are after flat shading style, check this thread.



I’ve seen vertex count increase in various game engines upon import, but not exactly triple the amount.

Normally, you see verts increase where you have UV seams/islands, normals that are not shared, smoothing groups, etc, there’s also export options that can impact vert count in 3dsmax (ie split per vertex normals).

You might want to investigate further and play with export(3dmax) and import(UE4) options. From the pictures provided, my guess would be due to normals being imported or exported on the dome, in 3dmax it looks smooth where in UE4 you can see individual faces, might be that split vertex normal thing?

Thank You,

I will surely look into it and get back to you as soon as I can.


Does anyone have a solution or a workaround for this? I’m doing stuff based on the known vertex order and count.

Not sure if you still need an answer but for the people who will find this thread (like myself).

Solution I found was to remove all hard edges and UVs from the mesh.

In Blender select the object and in “Object Data” tab remove UV and turn off “Auto-smooth”

Then with object selected do “Shade Smooth”

In the end the vertex count in UE should be the same as in Blender