increase the speed on a spline


Here I am for a simple question, I am developing a Roller Coaster style Vr project where my Vr camera is following a spline at a certain speed. But I would like when my camera passes a trigger Box ( from my blueprint level), his speed movement increases from 60 to 100 and vice versa for exemple.

My problem is when my camera passes the trigger instead of increasing the speed smoothly my camera is teleported either 40m further or it returns to the beginning of the spline with the new indicated speed.

I’ve been on it for 3 days now, I’m not a Unreal pro just a autodidact guy who watches a lot of tutoring, if anyone can help me please.

instead of using
gameTime x deltaTime x speed = distance,
it should be
distance + (speed x deltaTime) = distance

you are teleporting because of multiplying gameTime

Yes it works thanks you : D but I find the change is a little brutal, I just found a solution by using timelines I indicate in a floa track my current speed and the speed I want and it interpolates for me, but I don’t know at all if it’s very optimal to do that.