increase metal reflection distance


how can i increase metal reflection (material) distance please ?

You need to add reflection capture actors, otherwise it uses Screen Space Reflections which can only reflect surfaces that are visible in-camera

And to clarify - anything beyond that will reflect the ‘background’ color when it’s in SSR (which that looks like it is - that gray color).

I think it’s in the reflection capture, but you’ll need to set what it’s reflecting beyond a certain distance.

Thanks for your help

You need reflection capture actors, and you also need to set the distance of those capture actors to be far enough.
Separately, if you want the blocks to reflect each other, then you need a dynamic reflection capture (cube map) component PER BLOCK which is going to be super expensive.

ok i have just tried sphere reflexion capture actor and it doesnt work even after rebuilding lighting and updating captures with correct influence radius and position