Incorrectly textured Starfury model

Hey there, guys.

I have been trying to make a space flight simulator in Unreal Engine, but I have an issue with the Starfury 3D model I borrowed - and when I say “borrowed” I don’t mean I stole it; I’m using it with the permission of the author. Anyway, the model was created in Blender for a different engine. I imported it in UE4, but it appears incorrectly textured.

What I get after the importing are all parts of the model (main hull, cockit, flaps, etc.) as separate skeletal meshes, each with its own physics material and a skeleton. Then, I also get one fully constructed skeletal mesh of the entire Starfury. My problem here is that all of the separate skeletal meshes are correctly textured, as seen on the screenshot below:

This is what the Starfury is supposed to look like. However, the complete model is a completely different story:

As you can see, the main hull and the greebles/guns almost look like they’re liquid. I’ve already tried modifying the materials and textures to no avail. There’s only one LOD, too, so that can’t be a problem either. What I can’t do (because I’m a complete bonobo at this) is getting the textures to show up in Blender. Maybe the problem comes from there, but I don’t know how to fix it even if it does come from there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!