incorrect shadow after building lights

i create 2 unwarp in 3ds max - channel 1 and channel 2

also i use flatten mapping tools

every thing is good before building lights !

also i dont have error like overlap and …

i dont know what is my problem

problem is my fbx file or my ue4 setting

i upload 3ds max file and fbx file and use project -

Your mesh is too big/too complex. It needs to be split up into many pieces. Also, the Auto Flatten tool does not give good results, it is better to unwrap the lightmap UV yourself.

thanks for your help my last problem solved

but i have new problem again

Light Passed from closed area ! why ???

Make sure you have an outside wall to block light, also make sure that the floor/ceiling/walls don’t extend beyond each other.

Special Thnks to @darthviper107 for answering my questions


How i can prevent effecting floor material to walls

i want my walls have same colour {now one of them is red another blue}

I’m not sure if there’s a setting for that, the effect is called color bleeding. It’s normal, because the material of an object reflects its color, and the white walls reflect all color so when white light bounces off something yellow it will reflect yellow color. Also, you need to increase your lightmap resolution, you can still see the shadows from the windows on the floor are very “blobby” which indicates that the resolution is not very high.

thanks again

but this material does not affect on walls

my walls still white

can you say me why ? why some material egect and some material not ?

now i set lightmap resolution to 2048

I can see a bit of the wood color reflecting on the wall, if you change the indirect lighting scale I think that will affect how the color bleeding will look, though it can affect some of the other lighting effects and rendering time as well.

hi again

i create simple 5 second matinee only camera movement

with director track

but when i press capture movie . ue4 bring new window and capture realtime gameplay not 5 second camera movement

how i can fix it ?

is it possible rename topic to {My Rendering Problems} ?