Incorrect lighting when using Blueprint Actor


I have a problem when using the BP actor in a scene.
I made a room using standard cubes + installed on the scene standard Point Light (Stationary) and also added my actor - BP_Door.

When I bake light in the room with a closed door remains light. But if I change the Lightmap Type to Force Surface it gets dark in the room. In this case, I lose the dynamic shadow of the door when it is opened, and also one side of the door stays dark at all times.

How can I keep the dynamic shadow of the door when the door is open, as well as keep the darkness in the room when the door is closed?

  • I noticed that if I set Indirect Illumination to 0 (World Setting), then even with Lightmap Type as Default, everything in the room is normally dark.

Please help, this problem is already annoying me :slight_smile: