Incorrect bone orientation only in run animation

Hey there!

I’ve made animation retarget from mannequin to my model. The left hand’s middle bone orientation is incorrect only at one specific animation: “ThirdPersonRun”. The right hand is fine (they are symmetrized in blender)
All other animations are fine too.

Axes in Blender are fine too, as far as i can tell :

Hope for your help !

Explain this better.

You are using third person run and retargeting to your skeleton?

If so this has nothing to do with anything outside of the engine - look at your poses. Chances are the pose of the skeleton you re-target to is not correct (because of gimbal locking even .99 of a rotation could cause a snap in the opposite direction).

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This is not a completely uncommon thing to happen with retargeting, at least in other programs. Usually, all it takes is removing a keyframe on the finger to fix it. What happens is that a keyframe is right on the edge of being 0, and instead 359, so the retargeting’s interpolation between 2 keyframes get messed up, resulting in a flip.

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Thanks for the answer!

I used ThirdPerson_AnimBP and retargeted to my skeleton. So I had all animations. And all of them were fine.
And only run animation had a problem with middle bone.
I’ve tried a lot of different moves to fix it, and in the end I decided to take another 3d base model and do everything again just for the test.

In the end, on new model, with new rig and skin, in newly created ue project a have the same problem. All animations are fine, but in run animation one middle bone are screwed.

Here is screens of the new model:

p.s. on new test-model I made automatic skin, just to save time

Thanks for the answer! I haven’t worked with animations yet, I’ll try to figure it out