Inconsistent Water flooding below ground level (with Z < 0)

I’m having an issue with the Water System: I placed the water (WaterBodyOcean) after I did some sculpting on the left side. Apparently the water floods areas below ground level (Z < 0). It seems like that this is not the case with sculpts applied after placing the water body (as shown on the right side where the water does not flood below ground level).

I looked up the virtual render textures of the WaterBrushManager and it seems like that the heightmap of the landscape is recognized correctly:

My landscape is the following:

Did anyone else experience this issue before and is it possible to fix this without recreating the landscape? The level uses world partitioning.


I found a solution to this issue: The volume of the WaterZone (Actor) did not cover my landscape fully.


Just for curiosity, how did you manage to flood areas under the zero?
I’ve Always had the opposite problem and I had to place lakes to flood areas :rofl:

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Just place the Water Zone actor to a place where it does not cover the area you want to flood (not practical and that stops most water functionality from working). Then sculpt your area and decrease the ground below Z.