Inconsistent lighting from editor viewport to game

Happy post halloween to all, so why is what I see in 4.24.3 camera view in editor ( nice lighting visuals),NOT what I’m seeing on play, except in a few areas ? Why is lighting so inconsistent ?

See pic pls, as I’ve tried so many settings hoping something would get me to consistrency, but nadda. TONS of hours later…

Here is one example to highlight above:

This image on left shows shadows as arrows highlight,

BUT image on right, shows shadows as again highlighted by arrows, but shadows are REVERSED.

I suspect this explains the odd shadows I’m experiencing, that look ONE way in editor, and very off in many areas during play.

Ideas ?

Why is the SkySphere set to Stationary? Was it rotated or somehow modified in-editor and the change isn’t updated for it either in the editor or in-game?

Is the directional light also the sun? or is it not enabled as sun/fog actor?

OK so the area in picture no longer changes that way, maybe it was a GLITCH what a shock, so stationry is default, but I chnaged to dynamic. I showed that image for obvious reasons but as noted its not misbehaving amymore on THAT particular spot, go figure.

WHAT is driving me bananas, is this:

First Image is what I want it to look like (in editor), and second is on play which looks nothing like top image,( answer to line 1.) and no I haven’t rotated it , just showed view, and hit play and given images related to each as below.

Directional light is the sun yes and is enabled as sun/fog as seen in image 3, and ty for assist be SO nice to get editor and play to be the same , finally :wink:

NOt sure if relevant, maybe pushing light where I don’t want it, on play and ya this is a world comp world, 3 levels are loading on play , no wonder its taking forever to startup. If so, I don’t recall how to stop that behavior. I’ll look around but anyway any hints on what is here so far would be appreciated if it possibly is relevant to anything going on with lighting in my scene.

It could be exposure. If the compensation value is too high, or the Min/Max values are too high of a range (e.g., Min=-10 and Max=20) for the scene, exposure blasts it to overbright. Try lowering the range of Exposure Min/Max (Min=-5, Max=5), and / or decreasing compensation. If it doesn’t work, increase compensation to 1 or 2, and set Min/Max to the same to see if it changes to the proper results for the scene. Setting Min/Max to the same (e.g., Min=2, Max=2) disables the auto exposure adjusting to different lighting conditions and pixel brightness values, but it could be useful to get a better picture of how to set the Exposure to get the intended results. So, it would mean re-enabling the auto-adjust aspect by making Min/Max set within a range again, min being lower than max obviously.

Since you are using a directional light check your sky light. In a recent update the sky light element has “cast shadows” turned on by default which conflicts with the cast shadow of the directional light. I found that turning off the sky light cast shadows removes the unusual balance between running in game

I already had those things off bc I’ m running with dynamic lights, so sadly no , no effect of fixing lighting issues.
TY for trying though, still no love this is THE worst feature of this engine, or does everybody suffer from lighting accuracies on landscapes of fairly large size, &/or is it bc I’m using world comp ?

How could you have turned off “Cast Shadows” of the directional AND skylight? You’d be getting no shadows unless the shadowing there is an entirely different feature type I’m unaware of…

Doesn’t world composition involve changing the origin (aka Origin Rebasing)? If the origin was rotated or has not changed how it needs to be changed to function with dynamic lighting, it could be causing the inconsistency.

Is the project using Screen Space Global Illumination (enabled / disabled in Project Settings)? If so, disable it and see what happens. The other potential cause is the material has a wrong setting, such as if diffuse boost is increased.

Finally, there’s a setting under a dropdown the viewport interface of buttons which is called Game View. Try enabling or disabling it while in-editor (not a play session), to see if it changes things. Then adjust as needed, and test by playing.

Im using dynamic lights , i decided early on to use no shadows as it takes too long to build on current setup.
No origin rebasing except on huge worlds which mine is only 4 tiles atm, very small:

“World Composition relies on a world origin shifting feature which, when used with distance based level streaming, allows you to create worlds which are not limited to the WORLD_MAX constant value hard-coded into the engine.”…ser/index.html

OK , interesting I’ll check on SSGI and material diffuse boost !
Game view only applies, faik anyway, to get rid of certain editor visuals:

"Game View

Game View causes the Viewport to display the scene as it would appear in the game. This means that none of the editor-specific elements - such as the Actor icons - are shown. It gives you an easy way to see just how your level will look when you run it in the game.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure of the Game View either. There’s another one under the dropdown to select lighting modes (Lit, Unlit, etc) that changes the Exposure between Game Settings and a slider bar value, so I’m thinking Game Settings refers to how it looks in the game (including Post Process settings). Perhaps it’d be useful to discern what’s happening with the in-game washing out of colors, I’m not sure.

Fully dynamic lighting doesn’t really involve building lighting, so are you using stationary lights?

OK well I lowered diffuse boost to 0.6 and ‘enabled’ SSGI as it was off, so far MUCH better,go figure ?
On ya, on dynamic lighting, to avoid building lights as my current rig is OK but building is usually a drag for many ( maybe I will on project completion we’ll see having a rtx 206x WOULD HELP heh), further I have enabled force no compute so all I do is build lighting once and its done exceptionally fast , found on forum I think. I have a huge terrain with massive amounts of detailed sculpting ( that I did manually, yes time consuming but I love result) which meant HUGE lighting buliding my rig won’t entertain well i5-3570 8gb ram GTX 950 2gb, so ya not so much BUT for a 4 tile world comp project with as mentioned sculpted detail I can’t complain much.
Thx :wink:

You ought to get a 2070 super. I got it for only $100 or so more than the 2060 super on newegg, and built my computer from a bunch of other components ordered from newegg…including 32GB DDR4 RAM (dual channel) and an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz base (non-boosted, 6-core). When I tried a light build of a huge landscape with an importance volume around the entire terrain, it’s about 1-2 hours at Production and Scalability Epic, except for Shading at Cinematic.

Be careful with the SSGI in indoor areas, such as caves or overhangs, as the lighting can change with the view. There’s some adjusting that’s required to get those problems solved, but I’m not sure yet what to do. The thing about fully dynamic lighting is it utilizes the volumetric lightmap, which is a 3D volume grid of spheres that are basically shading data collectors and redistributors. The World Lightmass settings contain its main settings, and it’s a bit tricky. It’s one source of light leaking / shadow errors.

Interesting ty , I 'll consider the 2070 super instead then yup. Yup also, been wondering ‘what’ kind of upgrade as you noted would really be ‘beneficial’, and not just some form of a bump from what I already have which while showing its age still holds up sorta well enough but material alteration, bp altering, and light builds are a slog.

Ya I’m thinking a rig very similar to what you have, definitely AMD ryzen 5 or higher IS a solid upgrade and ty for verifing that appreciate it, and your build info.

Ya lighting is a slog, I’ve seen many many who’ve investedf TONS of hours to just get something that looks realistic, whew , and ty again for all the info I"ll stay on top of it.

Yeah, np…I was able to purchase these parts + Windows 10 Home downloadable version for approximately $1600. I got an LG G-Sync 1080p HDR monitor (165 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response) for $230 from CostCo (like a Walmart). I would advise a 4K HDR10 monitor, though, with at least HDMI 2.0b…preferably 2.1 (remember to ensure the motherboard and processor are compatible with 4K, HDR, and HDMI 2.0b / 2.1 / DisplayPort 1.2). The desktop case I got for under $100 came with 4 built-in fans, one of which I had to remove to fit the motherboard lol…though I didn’t need it because of all the other fans and heatsink that are on the components. It has extra space to run cables through and a removable hard drive enclosure at the base on one side…plus an SSD holding unit that can be switched from one side of the case to the other depending on what’s needed for a setup. I currently only use a 1 GB SSD (3D Nand @ 540 MB/s read and write speeds), so it’s more than enough. And the case has at least 3 USB 3.1/3.2 slots, a tempered glass window on one side, and a magnetized cover on the top that provides ventilation through small holes in its design. Sorry, I sound like an ad for my computer. It’s just important to get the best deal for the best specs possible. Mine isn’t the only option out there; there’s lots of other designs and some things I didn’t purchase too.

Very nice, welI ( widower) lived in WA state, snoqualmie specifically and went to Issaquah, wa for Costo runs, for years , and I also build my own rigs, love doing it and saving a few buicks hre and there. Well :), atm just using, while hardly optimal at all, a vizoi 42" monitor with a special port ( forget name atm) for computer. I know its far from ideal but its the only thing atm I could afford, income having changed. It does OK no complains really , but I am considering a better case. I do however have a 58" hisense ( cheap but not ba) 4k hdr10 lcd I COULD use but o_0 no room per se to setup computer near it, tho OFC that size is prob. too big anyway for this LOL. Anyway thx for info I"ll keep in mind.

I tell ya tho, those megascans are killer on space o_0 , and ya np I don’t offend easily if AT all, LOVE hearing about others rigs as I love checking them out and dream about the ONE that’s getting away , ha.