Inconsistent behaviour of Reset Orientation and Position in VR Preview mode

I’m having the weirdest problem right now that I can’t figure out. I have the following blueprint function to set the location of my player controller and oculus rift rotation to be the same as my player start. This worked great in 4.6. After upgrading to 4.7 I have noticed that this doesn’t work in VR Preview… most of the time. Sometimes, after moving a player start (just like move it a meter to the left) it works. And then it doesn’t after I move it back and rebuild. Or it works after changing the World To Meters value from 100 to 99.9, and then doesn’t work once I change it back. Except sometimes it does.

It works perfectly in ‘Standalone Game’ mode, but not (well) in VR Preview mode.

So I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

  2. What is the correct way to set the direction the oculus rift camera is looking/is there a better way to do it than the blueprint I am using now?

The only really working method of reliably changing the viewing direction in VR mode for me is currently

  • On event ‘begin play’ set ‘followHMDOrientation’ for camera manager to true (position flag doesn’t currently seem work)

  • In player controller, set your camera manager to from ‘none’ (why is this default?) to playerCameraManager

  • Set input yaw scale to 1 in playerController details (default: 2.5, reason why every rotation value passed to the controller is not correctly translated in to the game by default)

  • Use getPlayerController().setControlRotation() or getPlayerController().addYawInput() to rotate your view

Rotating the pawn directly gives me many problems together with the current VR camera implementation.

Good luck.