Inactive window left on screen indefinitely, still appears when editor is re-opened

I moved the content browser from my second monitor into a tab, and was left with this strange striped-window on my second monitor. It comes to the foreground whenever I have rocket selected in the taskbar, and stays there permanently no matter what tabs I open or close.

Even after closing and opening the editor, and restarting my system it still appears there. You can see it in this screenshot covering up a particle system I’m trying to port over.

I also encountered this problem, though it disappeared after a while, can’t remember why/how.

It appears to only be for this project, if I open any other project the window dissappears

Happened to me as well, but in older builds. You should be able to get rid of it by deleting DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini

Where is that file located Mehmet?

Can’t find it in my project folder or Rocket folder

Oh nevermind that. I forgot that it is doable inside the editor. Go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Preferences and then Reset UI Layout.

Hi James,

Please try resetting your UI layout as suggested by Mehmet. If the problem persists, please let me know and I will be happy to further investigate the issue.



Thanks guys that worked, A bit more information on the bug:

Two windows were showing in the windows Taskbar being open, so the stripy window was definitely considered a ‘window’. Closing either of them from the taskbar resulted in Rocket closing down.

On resetting the UI layout as you said, my main window became the inactive window from before, so it appears as if whatever that new window was, it was a failed duplicated of the main editor window.

I’ll try to find a way to replicate this or let you know if it happens again. Thanks for the fix though!

Hi James,

You do not need to replicate the issue, it is expected behavior. You had un-docked your primary editor tab. You could also fix this by dragging your Rocket Editor tab back into the workspace window (the stripped window on the right). This will cause your editor tab to lock back into the workspace window at which point you can then move the window.

Thank you!