In WorldAlignedTexture node, how do I offset the texture?

Inside the material editor:
I’v tried many variations of values and it always showed be a constant color instead of the image it supposed to. It works good only with this pin disconnected.
I’m using 4.9.1

That needs to be a node such as “World Position”. Then use an Add node and a vector parameter to specify the offset in world units.

If you entered a single value for that, it would literally return the color of that single position in world coordinates.

Thanks! Works great!

Is there any way to rotate the texture as well?

You could do a rotate about axis, or use the transform node if you have the new rotation defined by an X Y and Z vector basis.

If you want coords that just follow a mesh, just use “BoundingBoxBased_0-1_UVW” which gives local coordinates in 0-1.

Where exactly do I connect this “BoundingBoxBased_0-1_UVW” node in the WorldAlignTexture?

Into the world position input on the blend function.

I’v already tried it and it gives me a constant color instead of a texture.

Your texture size is probably too small.

Apparently it was too big lol.
It looks good when moving around now, but when rotated it getting messed up.
No rotation:
Rotated a little bit:

Is there a way to fix it?

Thats odd, it should not look like that. the 0-1_UVW function is completely local and includes rotation.
For me it rotates just fine, maybe you hooked something else up funny?



Thanks for checking it for me, I will look into it more deeply.