In what class would you put attributes?

Hey guys, easy question…I read link text and I am still confused.

I’m make a network ready game JUST LAN, and I know that the server controls what ever is in GAME MODE. For example, server keeps track on scores, kills, etc.

When a game is hosted, players travel to the game map. In which class would I put attributes, such as health, ammo, armour, etc. Will it be in “Player State”, or the “Pawn” class ( the class the player controls).

IT would not be in game instance, because I will not persist data such as health and score to the next level. Please let me know, or correct me on my theory.

Thank you.

Actually Player State and Game State will both be kept if you use a seamless travel.

But otherwise both will be wiped. You load a new level. All objects are newly created and therefore your pawn and all that stuff as well.

You will have to save it via a “Save Game Object” to really have it stored.

The second link, will it work on a network game?

A savegame works everywhere always. Even between play sessions.