In UE5,how the c++ code use blueprint's function

Hi everyone,how the c++ code use blueprint’s function

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Can you elaborate? It’s a bit unclear what you mean.
Properties | Unreal Engine Documentation
See properties associated with Blueprints. They explain quite a lot.

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In UE4,I can do it according to the following operations:
1:In c++ head file,add this code "UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent) void Func(); "
2: In UE editor, click “Compile” button.
3: In blueprint “My Blueprint ->Functions” can find “overridable” ,then choose “Func” .
But In UE5,I couldn’t find the “compile” button.Any modification in the C + + file does not take effect.

The compile button is bottom right and looks like this:
It took me a while to find it too =)
P.S. It’s only there in the level window, not in blueprints.

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