In UE4.19 a post process material has incorrect uv-coordinates for VR

Hi everyone! In UE4.18 I can use a wide texture which contais images for both eyes. A post process material has correct view uv-coordinates to draw the entire texture. But in UE4.19 it looks like now a post process material calls twice. Once for a left eye and once for a right eye. As a result both eyes get a same part of texture. Is there an any way to detect which eye is been rendering inside a post process material? I have my own render system to draw the sky for a virtual reality. What should I do?


I recently had to change my shaders in vr because the old method doesn’t work with Instanced Stereo, or something.

Note I’m not using post process just regular shaders. The expression is inside a Material Expression node.



Thank you! I spent 2 days to inspect sources of ue4 and found nothing useful.