In Need of Drunk PostProcess Effect [Blueprints]

Hello peeps! I’m in dire need of a drunk post process effect set-up, with blueprints. I have found a bunch of things I liked, but no idea how to replicate them. Here’s the one I’m talking about :

Where to begin looking at least? Anyone?

Here’s a post process material to achieve that effect

Feeding into it is a scalar parameter from a material parameter collection, which is what determines the blur amount. You could have that scalar value fluctuate over time using a Timeline node, from any blueprint.

Will give it a go! Thanks a ton!!!

It is perfect - took me 10 minutes to set up. Just one quick question - any idea how to counter the white foggy color? It seems like increasing ‘contrast’ doesn’t work too well.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound correct to me! We’re using it as a DOF blur effect in our game, it should have the same brightness as the rest of your screen, that’s what the divide node is for at the at the end.

That’s weird… Here’s my effect :

Here’s the blueprint :


Just realised I screwed up one of the ‘add’ nodes (first one)… That’s why there’s a white color, it adds 1… Sorry! It’s working now.

:o Glad you got it