In-editor preview image in a data asset

I’ve recently come across SDG Nelson’s devlog blog on Unturned II and really liked how he previews a recoil pattern of a gun in one of his data assets: Unturned II Devlog #023 - YouTube. Therefore I’d like to create such system to visualize some properties in my own game. Do you know what type of object he might be actually using? I tried using RenderTarget and it could potentially work but just wanted to find out that there’s maybe a better way. Also his preview changes instantly which I don’t know would be possible using a RenderTarget

Yes, but at that point you need create your own real deal asset type. Just so you know Data Assets was made to do simple data containing assets without need of hussle to resister custom asset actions and creating UFactory for it and from asset action you can set up asset content browser appearance, including custom 3D thumbnail and Slate overlay.

Don’t e afraid, by default if you don’t declare custom editor for your asset, UE4 will fallback tio use property editor on it same as it does with data asset.

Here nice introduction in to creating your own assets:

And here function you need to override, to create Slate UI overlay on top off asset in content browser:

You also have option to create 3D preview:

You probably need to learn how to use Slate, which is UE4 IU system that also powers UMG:

For preview in editor you will need to create custom editor, which is a lot bigger hussle and even less documented, you will need to look up in to engine code for examples of custom editor. Remeber that you extending editor code, all assets are made same way as mentioned above.


Thanks for such nice suggestions, I’ll have a look into all of them and hopefully post a solution soon