In BlueprintNodes: Missing '*' in Expected a pointer type

#include “View/BuildingInstanceActor.h”

#include "BlueprintNodes.generated.h"

class UBlueprintNodes : public UBlueprintFunctionLibrary

    UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "City")
    static ABuildingInstanceActor GetBuildingInstanceActorByUid(FString Uid, TArray< ABuildingInstanceActor* > BuildingInstanceActorList);

Hello! this keeps screaming at me “error : In BlueprintNodes: Missing ‘*’ in Expected a pointer type” But I have indeed added an asterisk to the TArray and internet says this should make it work. But it doesn’t. Keeps saying that problem. ABuildingInstanceActor is just an extension of AActor.

Is it complaining about the return type, which is currently ABuildingInstanceActor rather than ABuildingInstanceActor*?

I feel silly :slight_smile: but then again, the debugging in VS is atrocious. Any chance for future flexibility in our choice of editors? I am quite fond of Eclipse.

eclipse is the master race!