In 3ds max there is a "graphite" stylized render option; would there be a way to create that effect in ue4 with a post processing volume?

If you use Autodesk 3ds Max, you can use a stylized render called “graphite” which gives you scene this really cool hand drawn appearance, it kinda looks like the video for “Take on Me” if you haven’t watched it you should. Anyway, how would I go about creating a post-processing effect that would give me a similar appearance to that?

Your place to begin would be somewhere here.

The link above includes an example of how you can achieve stylized post process.

I think your general approach to getting this effect would be to blend original image with its desaturated, inverted copy, with some blur applied, using something like linear dodge blend. Certainly there is a lot more to be done to get what you need, but that seems like a good starting point.

Hello taylor,

Deathrey is correct is saying that you want to look at the stylized project provided in the learn tab. I’ve actually recreated the effect already (could use some more work) and am willing to provide the texture used and a screenshot of the material graph as well as some screenshots of it in use.

Here is what the material graph looks like, you need to use a material set in the postprocess material domain and then apply it as a blendable in your post process.

This is the texture sample used, it’s a .png so you will need to download it and add it to your project.

Keep in mind this type of effect wont work on unlit materials as well as can’t handle specular information as is.

Let me know if that helps,