Improving the level

Hey guys,I’m making something today and firstly I would like to know what you all think about it

Second, I would like to make some improvements in this level talking about realistic details.I will need change something in the OCC(Occlusion texture),right? because have too many reflection and I would like some tips too.

Hey Boo, nice content! Sandy deserts are pretty difficult to get looking right, as more distant dunes tend to just look like yellow blobs rather than sandy. I also have a hard time getting them to look realistic in world machine. Adding some atmospheric affects to simulate sand/dust blowing in the wind could add a more authentic feel. I like your material.

Yeah,I already had this thought.But I think I can make something,maybe a lightining effect,to make it more realistic! Particles I can put later.

I changed some stuff in the textures options,but it’s still artificial! I will think in something.Do you that are reading this have some suggestion,opinion,question…?

I personally would recommend you to take a look at the vehicle demo. There you can find a pretty good looking desert material :slight_smile:
Make sure that you fade in another diffuse and normal texture over distance -> will look more realistic

Got it,I will give my best.

I analyzed the car level(of EPIC GAMES),the levels of SPEC OPS THE LINE,the levels of RAVAGED and the levels of BF3.What I took out of this study is the confirmation that do a sandy desert is a work that needs a highly effort,however I still believe that can have a greater work on that.I will fight and study a lot to my desert looks unbelievable.What I took also is that we need to use some strategies to do that like the Epic level designers used.
Some desert part:


Particles are essential,but my only doubt is how can we make it more real? Coloration? Probably! Modification in the textures? Will doesn’t change a lot. Have you guys some idea?

I believe you forgot to add a skylight in order to make shadow look brighter and more natural.

For realistic particles you have to use suitable textures which should have a good colour, saturation, contrast,… so you will have to play around a little bit till you get the perfect result :slight_smile:
Make sure to take a look at some particles from epic games → especially the ones from the cave demo

Ok…I changed this and some stuff too.I’m making with other texture.I study a little and tested some stuff and my conclusion is that my project doesn’t fit with this “white desert”,but with the "yellow"one.

Ok,thanks for the advice.However,what I tried to pass is that particles have a essential role talking about reality,but you can see that never a desert really stay too realistic in comparation with the others like forest and other environments.So we,level designers,need to work on that.What I will try is make a fantastic texture and put some effects,color effects,particles.

The final result of the desert

Please,I need a feedback.

Now I’m making the particles and I will need some help too.

Looks cool!

I was actually thinking you could apply some light refraction to things in the distance, basically a mirage.
I don’t know offhand how you would make this effect but I do know if you open up the starter content and look in the fire particle that contains the effect that I’m talking about, it’s the emitter on the right end called “Distortion”.
You could also look at those dust particle emitters for reference too.

It’d be really cool to see a sand twister :P.

Edit: I just tried messing with the Distortion emitter from the P_Fire particle system. It’s really cool and contains a pretty simple material that handles the refraction that’s easy to modify. I just soloed the Distortion emitter, scaled up the initial size of the particles to a couple thousand, opened up the M_Heat_Distortion material, clicked on the Panner plugged into the Texture Sample and turned the speed down to 0.005 and it gives a nice wavy effect. You’d still need to tweak it for a desert and find a way to get it all around the player but it’s still pretty cool for only a few minutes of work!

Also just happened to watch the trailer for The Crew on steam and they had a desert shot.

that’s some pretty good reference right there.

I personally would set the normal map strength a little bit higher :slight_smile:

Great point, I didn’t think in that.Thanks, mate.

Sure, I already had thought in that I only did not have time yet.Bur I will do.