Improving reflection quality further

I’m wondering how I would go about to experimentally improve Screen Space Reflection quality to the max?
I’ve already set the SSR quality level to 4 (which I think is the max?) in my consolevariables.ini file, but I’m interested to see if it’s possible to get “perfect” reflections. This is for production presentation shots, and even if it’s mostly stills, it would be so much easier and faster to work with UE4 for it than using regular 3D programs and waiting for renders. I’m mainly doing stills and prerendered videos, so I don’t mind the framerate going to hell.

If you’re doing still shots, and you aren’t too concerned about speed being like 30fps, then you can try using Nvidia VXGI: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Real-time lighting that’s almost as good as baked lighting, if you aren’t concerned about performance too much then you can turn up the quality, and if you turn off SSR and use VXGI specular then it can do some nice quality reflections.
Nvidia has a branch from UE4 that includes the VXGI integration, you just have to build from that source, there’s only a few bugs with it currently and it will be receiving an update to 4.7 soon.

Thanks for the tip! One thing though, VXGI is not supported on GTX680, right? That’s what I have atm, but hopefully I’ll be upgrading to Titan X or 2xGTX980 soon, I’ll definitely take a look at VXGI then. Looks really good.

It should work fine on your 680, I’ve used it on my (AMD) HD 7850 =]

Though I’m sure it’d be much nicer on a Titan/980.

Just remember that UE4 doesn’t ‘do’ SLI (or Xfire), so that 2nd 980 wouldn’t add any performance. (At the moment).

Yeah, it’s supported on most anything, I’ve tested it on GTX 660 and it works pretty well. And like I said you can turn up the quality if you’re not concerned about framerate. If you’re looking to upgrade your GPU, then wait until the GTX 980Ti comes out, that might be a better choice.

Oh good, I thought it was a Maxwell exclusive. Seems it works on most cards, but the Maxwell cards are better optimized for it.
Regarding graphics cards, my options may be a bit limited since I’m going to have to get a laptop, it’s the only solution for me at the moment. I do have my eyes on a beast that has 2xGTX980 cards in it, but I’m definitely looking out for better options.
The 980Ti’s will most likely be a very good choice when they are released, agreed.